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NinjaTrader Setup

This nimbleDataProPlus version is intended to interact with NinjaTrader 6.5. To setup properly NinjaTrader 6.5, follow steps as given below:

1. If you're going to use the nimbleDataProPlus instead resembling product (such as MetaServer RT, Dynaloader etc.) or if you have eSignal installed, uninstall all such application before installing nimbleDataProPlus and NinjaTrader 6.5.

2. Install NinjaTrader first. Then install nimbleDataProPlus. While installing nimbleDataProPlus,select NinjaTrader as the target platform and select its base directory (C:\Program Files\NinjaTrader 6.5\bin\ if installed at default location). Finish installation normally.

3. Run NinjaTrader 6.5. Select menu Tools>>Account Connections and in the dialogue box that pops up, select 'Add'. Continue with configuration and select eSignal as the Provider, as shown below.

4. On clicking Next, configure connection options as shown below and click Next to finish the New Connection Configuration. 

5. Navigate to File>>Connect menu and select the new connection just configured above.

6. Once you select this connection, a dialogue box to login to our servers will pop up - as shown below. Enter your user id / password and login to our servers.

Important : If you get error 'Unable to load eSignal Directory' then start nimbleDataProPlus first from the shortcut created on desktop and then follow step 6 above.

7. Now to open a chart, go to menu File>>New Chart and enter the Symbol under Type-Stocks, as shown below. To download readymade symbol lists, please
Click Here. To know the symbol naming conventions (so as to create your own symbols in seconds), please Click Here.

8. On clicking OK, the chart will be loaded - as shown below.

9. Next time onwards before starting NinjaTrader, always start nimbleDataProPlus from the shortcut created on desktop and log in FIRST. Then once NinjaTrader starts, do not forget to first connect to your datafeed from File>>Connect>>GFDL so that the realtime update begins.

Important Notes :
When any symbol is opened in NinjaTrader for the first time, it always loads with incorrect last candle. To resolve this problem, right click on the chart and select 'Reload Historical Data'. This will load the chart properly. This is a one-time activity. Henceforth the same symbol will load all data properly on logging in.

If you open same symbol in any other charting platform in same session (like AmiBroker, Advanced GET) i.e. without logging off, the same symbol instantly loads with correct data for last as well as all candles. This appears to be a bug (unless this is some setting issue) in NinjaTrader 6.5. While we will try our best to find a workaround, at this point of time, we have no control on this NinjaTrader behaviour.
  DO NOT try to click on 'Reload Historical Data' unless it is required, as NinjaTrader pops error or hangs in-between. This is a known issue in NinjaTrader. Read :
http://ninjatrader.com/support/forum/showthread.php?t=36349 . If this happens, you will most probably need to restart NinjaTrader.

Disclaimer :

1. We are neither associated with NinjaTrader LLC (or with any of its subsidiaries or parent company) nor we sell this product. For more information about this product as well as for purchasing, you will need to contact the developer directly at the 'Link' given below.

2. Although our datafeed is compatible with NinjaTrader, we are not the charting platform suggested data vendor. If you are looking for officially supported data vendor, please contact the developer directly