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Bull’s Eye Broker setup

The nimbleDataProPlus / nimbledataPlusLite version is intended to interact with Bulls Eye Broker. To setup Bulls Eye Broker properly, follow steps as given below:

  1. Install Bulls Eye Broker Application.
  2. Install our data product nimbleDataProPlus on the same path of Bulls Eye Broker.
  3. Start Bulls Eye Broker & login with given credentials from them.
  4. Once the Bulls Eye Broker start, go to menu Data >> Connection >> select GlobalDataFeeds as data vendor as shown below:

5.  After selection of datafeeds, you will get login window of Bulls Eye Broker with datafeed name. Just click on OK button to login to proceed.

6.   After login to above login window of BEB, you will get one more login window of our datafeed where you need to login with received credentials from us (GFDL). Click on Login button to login our data product as shown below:

7.   After login to datafeed, select New Chart option from Bulls Eye Broker & add symbol name with Periodicity as Minute & Bar Interval as 1. Click on TA Chart button to get TA chart & click on Point & Figure Chart button to get that chart as shown below:

8. Once you set all fields as shown above & click on TA Chart button, you will get TA chart for added symbols as shown below:

9. You will get Point & Figure Chart, after click on Point & Figure Chart button as shown below: